Mission Statement (dub-mission)

For over three years now, on stages, dancefloors, nightclubs and community halls, for festivals, parties, gatherings and fundraisers of all kinds, Dubfreque has combined six unique, experienced and diverse musicians who all share one goal; to bring songs, rhythms, harmony, positive energy and the love of reggae music in all it’s forms to as many bouncing souls as possible. In honour of the release of their debut album “DUBFREQUENCY” (DFS001), Dubfreque wishes to invite you to join them in the pure pleasure of celebration, singing and dancing together.

Let’s get together…let’s have some fun… let’s make some music…. And, most of all, let’s DANCE!

Omolara Oyesikuh : Vocals

Indeed, the rumours are true, Omolara is back with us once more and we’re pretty damn happy about it.

Andy “Mr. Cakes” : Trombone, Vocals, Good Vibes

Mr. Cakes has performed for close to twenty years with many ska, funk and reggae artists. He recorded a CD in 1997 with his own band, TrenchAnt, that received airplay in Europe and North America. A fully qualified music teacher, Mr. Cakes is also renowned for performing on the Fleetwood Mac album TUSK, really!

Greg “Papa Greggae” Hathaway : Bass, Vocals, Direction

Also a guitar player, singer, songwriter and founding member of punk-funk-roots-rock-reggae-worldbeat band Roots Roundup, Greg has toured extensively over the years and worked in many areas of the music and entertainment industry.

David Hathaway : Guitar, Keyboards, Noise, Details

A long time member of Roots Roundup, David now spends much time wired into the ‘net and is quite often being searched out by web customers and various news media seeking his solutions and opinions on email viruses and all things internet. David is also the owner / operator of <A HREF=””>Simian-Studios</a> and co-founder of

Kirk Layman : Drums, Perspective

Kirk may be the youngest member of the group yet he thumps the tubs with outstanding authority, originality and aplomb. Originally from Prince Rupert BC, Kirk is renowned for his hordes of friends in every town and his ability to keep the crowd dancing, even when he’s not playing.

Mark Campbell : Guitar, Pedal Steel

Also a long-time member of Roots Roundup, Mark is an accomplished, in demand guitar and bass player. Mark brings impressive chops and a propulsive, colourful perspective to the bandÖnot to mention his extremely sunny disposition!

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